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The funny things are the witty, clever, hilarious and evenoutrageous cartoons.. all hand-picked by this award-winningcartoonist and the editors of the nations leading majormagazines and publications all for this very unique book.The funniest thing of all is that Roy Delgado is still on theway to The New Yorker!

emdashes.com ( A website for lovers of The New Yorker )called Roy Delgado a New Yorker cartoonist-in-waiting.

--LEE LORENZ ( Former Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker )Roy Delgado is much too modest. This collection includes not one but, by my count, 85 funny things that happened on the way to The New Yorker. Original, amusing and for the aspiring cartoonist, inspirational.

--RON GOULART ( World renowned comics historian, author of 20 books on the history of comics, science-fi ction and mystery writer of over 180 books)Very funny . . Roy Delgado is the nations funniest sign-painter/cartoonist.

--SAM GROSS (Renowned New Yorker cartoonist)Everybody who knows you ( your work )think youre a slam dunk. Roy Delgado is The Chicago Cubs of Cartooning.

--GENE PERRET ( Emmy Award-Winning Writer, Bob Hopes Chief Gagwriter for 24 years, has written for Phyllis Diller, CarolBurnett, and other greats. )Any book that has at least one laugh on every page is worth reading. Roy Delgados A Funny Thing Happened on the way toThe New Yorker certainly has a laugh per page. I just wish it had more pages. Wonderful cartoon art, terrifi c humorous observations, and an inspiring tale of how Roy Delgado wends his way to The New Yorker.

--NORMAN HOTZ ( Cartoon Editor of Readers Digest )Since receiving Roy Delgados A Funny Thing Happened on the way to The New Yorker, Ive been mumbling I love the misses a few times a day. I hope she never finds out I was talking about Roys attempts at The New Yorker. The relationship between words and images can be a wonderful thing. When thatrelationship is brought together by the wit of Roys pen, it is an extraordinary (funny) thing.

--BILL KEOUGH ( Editor of The Gag ReCap, The 50-year old international trade journal for professional cartoonists and gagwriters )This is a great book . . it doesnt seem possible that The New Yorker rejected all of these cartoons . . the next time they rewrite the dictionary they should include Roy Delgados name in their defi nitions of rejection and hilarious.

--CHARLES PRESTON (Cartoon Editor of The Wall Street Journal)"A very amusing collection. Lots of laughs for everyone.!"

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