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ADVENTURES from INNOCENCE-Snow to Swamp is the first in the AFI adventure series, written for the enjoyment of adventure enthusiasts of all ages. It's about the experiences of a youth growing up in rural central Florida during the middle of the last century. Joey Thames is uprooted from his childhood home on a small family farm in western New England. His family abruptly moves to the unsettled wilds of central Florida where they buy a fruit grove in rural Lake Hanna. Here, he finds himself adrift in a very different place. Without friends or the comforts of the close extended family he had enjoyed since birth. In the sparsely settled rural Florida, Joey finds almost anything goes. During his first week, has to fight two Seminole Indian boys to prove his worth and gain their friendship. He and his new friends develop an immediate bonding through their mutual love of the out-of-doors and of hunting and fishing. This community of fruit growers, sugarcane farmers, lumbermen, moonshiners, and Seminole Indians offered many new challenges for Joey to deal with. Through his innocence, Joey is drawn into many adventures where he must rely primarily on the strength of his innate moral character to bring each to a satisfactory conclusion. The challenges and adventures experienced by Joey play out within the pages of this book. These are unlike any told before in a series like ADVENTURES from INNOCENCE. The book also provides the reader a window into life as it was in the rural south during the middle of the last century. The reader will find it a treat to share in Joey's adventures and sometimes-hazardous experiences while learning how he deals with each in a manner far advanced for a person his age.

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