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What do you Gain by Reading this Book?

            Every teaching and recommendation given in this book is in reference to the bible. This book will therefore not only serve as your daily guide, but it will also motivate you to read the Bible more. It also gives contextual interpretations of the Bible and relates the historical context to today’s contexts. We find that sometimes while reading the Bible, the true meaning of the scriptures is not registered in our minds. This book helps us understand the Bible in our current context. As you read the book, you will,

Discover the real value of Christ’s death on the Cross-.
Discover what it means to love one another, forgive one another, and serve God whole-heartedly.
Have found out whether you are working towards something or you are working in vain.
Discover whether you are walking in the spirit or just following your own instinct; which is dangerous by the way!
Learn a lot about what it means to live a righteous life, to forgive and love one another just like Christ loved us.
Be able to differentiate between being righteous by law and Righteous by Christ. Once you understand and accept what Christ did for you to make you right with God. This will actually release the Holy Spirit’s authority to help you want to live a righteous life for God, without the condemnation that comes from making mistakes.

21 luglio
Rocc Ministries Publishing

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