Agencies & Brands in the Experience Economy: Management Organization

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Everyone working in the space of brands, marketing and communications has seen their job change rapidly in recent years. In particular, the agency business has been forced to rethink and redefine its role. As well, the impact of the new economy and the establishment of the experience economy model has changed everything we have known about marketing, brands, customer perspectives and the rules & dynamics defining the relationship between these elements.

Multidisciplinary & inclusion have become mandatory requirements for everyone, dethroning traditional “Creatives” from the leadership to a more equal level with other disciplines & practices. Data & Technology have become the new language; Design & Experience are the new religions; a new generation of leadership is rising with a system consciousness as an effect of the digital age. I truly believe in the power of sharing to make changes, and this is the reason why I am sharing this work.

After spending the last 20 years in different business contexts as a consultant for private companies and startups; as a chief design officer for a venture incubator and an executive for agencies, I decided to summarize everything I have observed and discovered about the relationships between companies, teams, operational models, business results, innovation and growth in this blueprint.I do not expect everyone to agree with my work and my vision won’t be a fit for all, but I am sure that everyone will find something in these pages useful and different from their perspective capable of stimulating questions or reflections.

How can company management organization be more holistic, multidisciplinary, integrated, human-centered, systematic, inclusive and create the conditions to trigger innovation?

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