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Par'k isn't having a good day. His personal shield failed, he lost communication with his ship, his pursuers shot him, and his faith in the human race has been seriously compromised, but if he doesn't ask for help, he'll probably die from blood loss even before anyone finds him.

Levi likes living in the middle of nowhere. It's quiet and peaceful and helps him write faster. He's a well-known author, so it doesn't matter if he occasionally feels lonely. The only man he's ever loved isn't gay, so it's better for everyone if Levi stays right where he is.

But when a huge blue man collapses on his doorstep, Levi can only think of one man he trusts to help. Ethan doesn't even hesitate, yet it's the things left unspoken between them that keeps Levi on edge.

Ethan has always wanted something more than his life had to offer. His best friend cutting all contact four years ago left an ache he's never been able to get past, but now that he's back in the guy's orbit he has every intention of learning what went wrong.

Yet it's not until the alien wakes and starts flirting with both of them that the truth of what happened four years ago is finally revealed, and suddenly all three discover that getting Par'k back to his ship before his pursuers find him is really just the beginning of their problems.

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14 agosto
Alice Cain

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