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Table of Contents
The Destructive Power of Allopathic Drugs
The Role of the Pharmaceutical Companies
That Tall Tale about Research
Thalidomide-Just One Pill
How a Whole New Generation Is Trapped from Day Go Itself
Food Authorities
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It is your natural right to have a happy and healthy baby, and family. But there are plenty of factors out there, which do not intend for this to happen.

This book is not for the fainthearted. This book is also not for all those people, who start reading with a sneer on their lips, because they know best, and of course their doctors know best, and who am I to advise them? How many Degrees do I have behind my name? What experience do I have in the field of health, nutrition, and what authority do I have behind me?

Also, a large number of my Western, including American friends, like every red-blooded person with a healthy ego have just one blind spot – once they make up their minds, they are not going to change them, no way. Somebody in authority has told them something and no way are they going to think otherwise, or even think for themselves. And if once you have decided that what I say is Tommy rot, bosh, nonsense, and I am just writing an eye-opener to gain some cheap publicity, sorry, possibly this book is not for you.
However, if you really want to learn about reality, this long-overdue book is going to tell you all about something, about which you could never dream.

That is because you could not imagine that you are being systematically poisoned by your own people, with the authorities which you suppose to be the people in charge supposedly keeping things under control, for your own good. They are definitely not going to admit, that there is a tacit understanding between them, the pharmaceutical drug cartel, some politicians, the medical fraternity, the food and drug industry, and international pharmaceutical brand names, that they are going to keep quiet, while these fraternities experiment upon you and your children.

This book is going to have a large number of examples, which I have seen with my own eyes. You are going to say, no, of course, all this is untrue, but the proof of the pudding is right in front of you, ready to be eaten – literally swallowed, if you are just gulping down some pills while reading these lines – or feeding your kids some medicine, recommended to you by your best friend, the doctor in order to keep them calm, quiet, and tranquilized.

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