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Having an overprotective Mother, Father, and being an only child means that Angela has led quite a structured and sheltered life. At the age of 24 she is quiet, smart, a little insecure in herself, and she pretty much believes anything that someone tells her. She’s also sentimental and wears her heart on her sleeve. Because of her upbringing she has not had the life experiences that her other friends have had. So when one of her closest friends, Heidi, suggests a ski trip to Sunset Bluff over a February weekend Angela hesitates. Heidi along with her other friends beg her to go. Angela gives in and decides to go with them. She assumes that she will be spending quality time with her friends. At the same time she will be enjoying the scenery and taking photographs to mark the occasion. At night, of course, she will be curling up with a good book. In the months following that weekend Angela’s life would never be the same. Her three closest friend’s lives have changed as well. One is in a rehabilitation center in another state. One has got married, and another one just plain hates her and refuses to take her calls. Her Grandmother moves out of the house which leaves Angela living on her own for the first time in her life. The job that she has had since high school is gone and she finds herself unemployed. Will Angela change with everything going on in her life or has she, without realizing it, changed already?

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29 ottobre
Tris Hahn

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