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Answers for the Soul is an anthology of channeled messages from the Higher Self as an indication of spiritual growth and response to the most intimate personal questions. It's the Being revealing and manifesting itself during the daily meditation, energy balancing sessions and in the middle of the night, in the waking state of pure presence. They are intuitions and flashes of realized awareness that speak of evolution, enlightenment, mind, non-mind, and spirit. They appear on the screen of consciousness from the highest dimension of comprehension, where duality dissolves in the union of the opposites and the completeness of the Whole. Question and answer are simply two sides of the same energy observed by seemingly different points of view. They are transcribed in chronological order of revelation and in addition to the effectiveness of the suggestions they express, they highlight the innate ability of anyone, inherent in the human matrix, to seek and find their first answers. They come in the form of sentence, image, comprehension, sensation, gesture, or whisper that point out the next step to take in the infinite and infinitely pleasant path of the soul. Answers for the Soul is a spiritual testament that leads into the universal realm of definitions, where behind all meaning the intrinsic dimension of the Being manifests, revealing the simplicity and beauty of the infinite reality of the Absolute. All answers, answering some of the most fundamental questions, are fragments of eternal wisdom. For the atmosphere and structure of the book, the author took inspiration from the Fragments of Nietzsche, one of his delightful operas during his student years. However, far from being compared to the great German philosopher, who did not have the fortune to live and experience what the author has experienced, the latter, with his channeling, only wants to share the ultimate experience and understanding that God, like us all, has just never been born.

Salute, mente e corpo
21 maggio
Andrea Scarsi

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