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The final part of the dystopian dark fantasy sci-fi horror. The year is 2066, the world is embroiled in a perpetual war between the authoritarian Union and the African Islamic Caliphate, commonly known as the Terrorists.  Sergeant Jake Kochowski leads the fight against a terrifying new enemy, termed the Zombies, though it is fast becoming apparent there is more to the mystery of the monsterous happenings in southern Israel than anyone dared believe. Aaron Styles, the 17 year old afro-caribbean kid from war torn London, finds himself at the very front line of the bizarre supernatural happenings when he is assigned to Kochowski's special unit.

Britain is run by neo-Fascist party the B.F.P. and is under the firm control of aging Prime Minster Mark Collins. In London society is downtrodden and lost. Doctor Andrew Forrester, together with his lifelong friend and ex-resistance fighter Shirley Barnes have managed to set up the old CB radio and are waiting to make contact, if anyone still waits out there. If they can only find a voice in the ether, maybe the long awaited revolution is only a conversation away. 

“Babylon Working” is a dystopian dark fantasy with a contemporary take on themes explored by works such as Orwell and Heller with the horror tones of H. P. Lovecraft and a strong dose of the postmodern visionary horror of George A. Romero and Robert Kirkman.

With elements of apocalyptic and speculative science fiction, and an underlying threat of Lovecraftian monsters and deities, Babylon Working is a unique story in three parts, set in a world where the armor of democracy and free expression has been destroyed and removed. Enjoy Parts 1, 2 and 3: find them in store today!

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