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This is a work of fiction with well known facts and real life characters weaved in and taking the lead rolls. 

It is the story of the discovery of fully operational World War II German submarine in the Hudson River just north of New York City. The mystery of who put it there and what was on board leads to the involvement of key individuals in the Russian, Ukrainian, German, British and U.S. governments, but not necessarily with the knowledge of these governments or with their governments specific approval. 

A special team working directly for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon is recruited from the private sector with the JCS taking a hands-off approach so as to distance themselves from any resulting physical or political catastrophes. 

Besides being a potential public relations embarrassment for the U.S. military, questions are raised concerning a potential terrorist plot to plant a “dirty” bomb just north of the New York harbor or the possibility that this submarine was transporting the lost German Central Bank gold reserve never recovered after WWII.

The two men and one woman team from the private sector, our lead characters, employs their personnel domestic and international Back Channel connections to sort out the mystery of where this submarine has been hiding for sixty years. This is not the Back Channel team’s first or last involvement as a shadow for the U.S. government.

The Back Channel's British connection solicits the assistance of British intelligence and even the head of Russian intelligence gets involved. Several current and former Navy and government facilities (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center, Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range, Navy Fleet Reserve Center, and others) lend their support to the story to add realism, but certainly not their real life participation.

A U.S. Senator, who happens to be the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and a retired four-star Admiral brought back on active duty are responsible for getting the Back Channel civilians involved, getting them funded, and opening doors for our lead characters.

Facts (like the existence of cell phones) are carefully mixed with fiction (like the Main Navy Building in Washington which was demolished in 1970) to present a plausible story that could not be traced or that could still be waiting to happen.

Fantascienza e fantasy
16 luglio
Byron Ellison

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