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Volume 28 is a continuation of Volume 27. It covers news articles from 7/15 of 2014 that link to the ongoing attempt to show a pattern of the Associated Press Feed mirroring this publication 24 to 48 hours later. This republishes "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 28. It does a brief rundown of music history regarding Rod Stewart's marriages. This volume wasn't done very well because it was interrupted by the viewing of the 2013 movie "Wolverine." There was also an offer to run the Beta Test version of "Warlords of Draenor" for the World of WarCraft video game that will be release to the public in December 2014. Nickel 1 is a note regarding World of WarCraft. Nickel 2 is about Rod Stewart's marriages and the pattern of events that have unfolded mirroring those wives. Nickel 3 is regarding Atheism as a religion because the Supreme Court has allowed Atheists to conduct prayers. I'm actually indifferent to religion, but I pointed out Atheists Groups do not belong in high schools if other religions are not allowed in school. Atheism is a "belief" about religion. It's a religion that "believes" there is no God. That's an opinion about God. I said that when people find out that the Sun and Earth are alive technically qualifying as God, then it proves that Atheism is a belief or an opinion. Nickel 4 is a rundown of the articles. Chapter 1 is about Empress Peach's Mega Strike ability. Chapter 2 is regarding Superman's red cape. Chapter 3 is about Combat Hacking. It also talks about Abortion. Chapter 4 is regarding Ryan Gosling and the Roman Holiday. Chapter 5 is about the "Chuck" finale. Chapter 6 is about Agent J's definition of males and females using letters in the Alphabet. Chapter 7 is about Jesus Christ vs. the "Woman Empire" rather than the Roman Empire. Chapter 8 is about a news article claiming Satan in a movie looks like President Barack Obama. Chapter 9 is about the 40 Year Old Virgin. Chapter 10 is regarding the Playboy Enterprise and Playmates recorded having special 1sts. Chapter 11 is about Hugh Hefner creating Playboy. Chapter 12 is regarding Captain Marvel and Shazam. Chapter 13 is regarding the Spider Sense combined with Astrology. Nickel 4 is a wrap-up of more news articles that didn't get a full chapter to elaborate on them.

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15 luglio
Rod Island

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