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Book one in a dramatic new trilogy

In a world of impossible things, where to touch the ancient power of the Strand brings mysterious and powerful gifts, an unnamed assassin on the edge of death is rescued by a nobleman driven by the urge to use his gift to bring ease to the peoples of the land.

It is an opportunity that brings the promise of redemption to the man renamed Vehemence. But Vehemence is more than an assassin wanting to give up his burdens. He is a blood-linker and the needed talent in the nobleman (under the alias of) Dolour's group of hex-breakers. It is as a blood-linker that he is given a home and a new cause - to assist the group in their good works.

But Dolour's group operates under the watchful eye of the oppressive Guild of Impossible Things, and when their attention is turned elsewhere, does not hesitate to associate with the Faction, which works against the Guild in an invisible war.

Just when it seems likely that Vehemence will bring the Guild and Faction together in a new peace, he is uneasy. What are Dolour's real motives? Is there really a war between those who touch the Strand, and those touched by it? As they make plans to head out into the fearful Swamps, where the whole land lies under a deadly hex, Vehemence finds himself asking difficult questions, and deciding he must find the answers - even if it costs him his one chance for redemption.

Blood Gift is the first book in a dramatic trilogy that unfolds within a fantasy world of seemingly impossible things.

Fantascienza e fantasy
July 1
Tegan Abbott

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