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Why settle for bad, when you can be wicked?

Marie is the wild child of the venerable Duquesne family, born to break her mama’s heart. After failing at her guardian duties on two previous assignments, protecting Chicago’s magician community is Marie’s last chance at redemption. But with hunters preying on the people she’s supposed to protect, Marie must join forces with sexy, tempting Dr. Brian Dannaher to combat them—and nothing is more dangerous than falling for a vampire.

Brian lives in the shadow of the other area chroniclers, often overlooked but grudgingly content to live a quiet, unremarkable unlife—until bold, vivacious Marie stirs desires he has long ignored. Chroniclers are meant to investigate and record magician history, and never to interfere with it. They most certainly do not charge into the fray and battle the rising darkness, but Brian was a soldier in life and hates the idea of watching from the sidelines. Brian would do anything to fight at Marie’s side, even if that means violating the oaths of his order.

When the hunters strike too close to home, Marie has the chance to prove herself worthy of her family’s upstanding guardian reputation. But being a good guardian means ignoring the desire drawing her into Brian’s arms, and it’s so much more fun being bad…

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Robyn Bachar

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