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Bloodborne's ruler hides a dangerous secret.

Salem Summers is a rare vampire. The ruler of Nitehelm's blood-sucking kingdom possesses a gift—one that could well put a price on his head.

As a Blue Blood, Salem is gifted with the ability to conceive. A rare trait in Boodborne's cursed, infertile society. 

Men like Salem are hunted by ruthless, mercenary predators who will exploit his fertility for their own nefarious purposes. 

Salem must conceal his gift while he searches for his mates, but the clock is ticking. If he fails to conceive an heir by the next blood moon, Bloodborne faces certain extinction and will crumble beneath the sands of time.

To save his kingdom, Salem undertakes an ancient ceremony to summon his mates. 

Three answer his call:​

Thoren—a werewolf whose first touch soothes Salem's battered heart.
Ulrich—a dragon shifter with a kiss that unravels Salem's defenses.
Cecil—a Sorcerean prince who casts a sultry spell over Salem's very soul.

For centuries, Salem has dreamed of his mates. The three men are so much more than he dared hope. Their days together, and their nights too, draws Salem closer to the child he so desperately yearns for. The bond between them is forged in iron. The physical connection burns hotter than molten steel.

But enemies lurk in the shadows. Hunters prowl the kingdom. Without an heir, he'll lose not just his kingdom, but the three fierce and protective men he's grown to love. 

BLUE BLOOD is the first novel in Siring an Heir. Each book follows a different cast of characters from the Nitehelm universe and can be read in any order. This story is filled with love, magic, action, steamy m/m(+) scenes, and features harem and mpreg. (Suitable for ages 18+)

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