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From an author hailed by the New York Times as ‘the master of suspense’ comes an electrifying thriller shot through with dark humour – about a female forensic photographer on the trail of a killer with ties to her past.

When Alexandra Rafferty was a girl, something unspeakably cruel happened to her on a summer afternoon. Only her father knew about it – or so she thought. Now a forensic photographer for the Miami PD, Alexandra remains haunted by that horrible day and it all comes rushing back when she becomes caught up in the investigation of a gruesome series of murders that seem to speak to her long-hidden past. Soon her personal life spins out of control, sending Alexandra on the run – from her husband, from the crooks after him, from a surprisingly persistent boyfriend, and from a killer who’s bent on making sure Alexandra won’t live long enough to translate his message.


‘An edgy and engrossing thriller.’
The Times

‘Body Language is James Hall showing his best stuff. Complex and edgy, engrossing and masterful. I’ve been reading and learning from Hall for a long time but this book’s a cut above the rest. It’s his very best.’
michael connelly

‘Body Language seduces you, then it grabs you and never lets you go. This is a first-rate thriller by a masterful writer.’
james patterson

‘Rafferty is a fabulous addition to the ranks of law enforcement.’
sue grafton

About the author

‘James Hall is the master.’

James Hall’s previous novels include Red Sky at Night, Buzz Cut, Gone Wild, Mean High Tide, Hard Aground, Bones of Coral, Tropical Freeze and Under Cover of Daylight.

‘Hall is the master of suspense . . . his writing runs as clear and fast as the Gulf Stream waters.’ NY Times

‘Hall delivers oddball fun at a rip of a pace, without letting you forget that he is a literate, stylish writer. Hall’s books psst and bubble over as soon as you open them.’ Los Angeles Times

‘Hall is the finest and most literate of thriller writers.’ San Francisco Chronicle

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