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Life for Craig since his mother passed has been a bland routine. He’s lost touch with his friends. His family doesn’t return his calls or messages. It’s just him and the diva dog, Bonita, muddling through life in the big house Craig grew up in. It’s not exciting, but they have each other to get through the days.

That all changes late one night when Bonita finds an emotionally and physically abused Devin on their front porch. They take him into their home, into their lives, and into their hearts. Now Craig’s life is topsy-turvy, trying to get Devin settled in his home, getting him ready for school and securing custody of the boy that stole his heart, and Bonita lovingly protects.

Craig can’t do it all alone, even with Bonita’s help. Charles, the hunky lawyer lends his help, whether Craig likes it or not. Craig extends an olive branch to his longtime friends, who, not only embrace Craig back into their lives, take Devin into their own hearts. They ensure both of them are surrounded by love and support.

Of course, everyone comes with their own problems and baggage and Craig is all too willing to help out. Soon the empty house Craig has lived in turned into a happy home, complete with Sunday Brunches, volunteering at Rainbow House and movie nights in the den. They may not be bonded by blood, but this group is a family, and more importantly, they are Bonita’s Boys.

Fiction e letteratura
5 giugno
Robert Lewis

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