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This book continues the Saga of the Iceni, and tells of the Roman  invasion of Britain and  the life and times of Boudicca and Prasutagus. The King and Queen who have been chosen to lead the Iceni tribe at this critical time in their lives when they must try to prevent an all out war with the Roman legions. A war they know they cannot win.

It is also the Story of the Roman soldiers and their leaders who have been given the task of sujugating this tribe, and to destroy their druids. We meet again Septrine Fucillis,  who has grown up in Britain and lives with her father  and the Legion that is his life. A life that was taken from him in the ambush on the Stane.

 Now shall they all be tested,  as they continue the fight both phisically, and on the spritual level, when Esupa Astus and Nemain will bring the Amulet of Arawn into play. So must the Syrian Antonius try to survive as his slave.

All this is set against the rich backdrop of the lands of Cetic Britain,and as we learn of their life, and times, their loves and passions, the power, which will drive hem to win out against the evil that pervades this land, and the greed of Rome.

Fiction e letteratura
1 novembre
Ray Jones

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