Build Wealth With Common Stocks

Market-Beating Strategies for the Individual Investor

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Principles, strategies, and practices that led an everyday investor's family portfolio to outperform its market benchmark for 12 years running.

Written for individual investors by an individual investor, in Build Wealth With Common Stocks, investor and self-improvement author David J. Waldron shares actionable ideas to construct a potentially market-beating portfolio of the common shares of enduring companies to fund life's significant milestones such as buying a home, paying for a college education, pursuing a passion, starting a business, or enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Waldron offers inspiring wisdom and memorable anecdotes to keep moving forward during the endless roller coaster rides of market cycles.

On Outperforming Wall Street

Learn how the individual investor on Main Street, despite limited capital, has the potential to achieve superior returns with lower costs and less risk than the power brokers working on Wall Street.

On Being a Thoughtful Investor

To paraphrase American baseball legend Yogi Berra, discover why investing is '90 percent half' common sense.

On Patience

Why patience is the scarcest and, thereby, the most valuable commodity available to the retail-level investor.

On Discipline

One rule virtually guarantees you will never lose money on an investment.

On Productive Fear

How a portfolio constructed on this beneficial fear can outperform a basket thrown together from the unproductive fear of missing out.

On Taking Ownership

Stop placing bets on stocks and do this instead.

On Active vs. Passive Investing

Find how to screen for the best companies in a sector, reserving the benchmark index for hedging your portfolio.

On the Perils of High Yield Dividends

Chasing current yield is a recipe for junk equity. Instead, practice this more profitable concept of dividend investing.

On the Death of Value Investing

Value investing is never dead; it's just less popular than short-term growth stories. As long as there are financial markets or farmers' markets, value prevails.

On the Benefits of Self-Directed Investing

Build your beach or lake house instead of your financial advisor's.

On Assessing Risk

Discover which investing risks are worth taking and which are best to avoid.

On Being a Defensive Investor

Outperform the market by managing the downside while allowing the upside to take care of itself.

Read Build Wealth with Common Stocks and become the informed investor who builds and maintains an investment portfolio with the potential to outperform the market or, more importantly, funds your's or your family's life goals and milestones.

So why not click the buy button right now and learn to achieve superior stock market returns with limited capital but lower costs and less risk.

Copyright 2021 by David J. Waldron. All rights reserved.

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