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Sadie Reedman is handed a new job by her brother, Simon, where she works for him in his cyber laboratory. This is to entail keeping CAIT, his Prize Fighter, online, without any glitches, so as to fight the show-game battles he has pre-programmed into her matrix. Cait, the female cyber-form, is a clear winner, and proves it time and again. As Sadie builds Cait, there is some learning being done on both sides of the wonder-web, inside and out. Together, the two allies realise there is more to Simon than meets the eye, and changes come for him when a certain young addition joins his brainy cyber staff.

James knows an awful lot of clever stuff, and his life revolves around one thing, finding a way through to Cait’s world. He soon unlocks the security code, and by connecting with her, their worlds are suddenly opened up to a billion possibilities. There are secrets to be told, but they will never surface if a certain person has his way. James has one purpose, to show Cait there is more to battling it through her regular fight nights, and by doing so, reveals the biggest secret of them all.

Simon Reedman has more money than brain cells. He is not a stupid man, by any means, but he can be greedy, which is almost as bad. Money makes his world go around, and when those two things are threatened, by an old colleague and friend, he takes matters into his own hands. Determined his business will not fail because of some cyber-creation, he enters a battlefield where he is destined to lose. When the tables are turned by the creation in question, his worst nightmare finds and invades his ever-safe cyber-space, leaving him in the very darkness he created.

Fantascienza e fantasy
29 luglio
Tam Sturgeon

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