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In the far future, humanity has moved among the stars. However, they have brought along all their baggage in addition to the hopes and dreams of better worlds. Theirs are not bright, shiny, litter-free futures. They are lived in, sweaty space operas . . .

C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas returns with a brand new pair of adventures set in futures that have dirt under their fingernails and blood on their hands.

After flushing himself through an alien waste system in a previous adventure left Rick Cave with neuronal damage, he gets the opportunity to go under the knife for an infinitesimal chance at recovery. When old enemies catch wind of this chance to take him out, he gets more trouble than he anticipates. There are bad trips, there are acid flashbacks, and then there is "Rick Cave's Nasty Flashback", which takes trouble to the next level.

Join recently resuscitated Detective First Grade Gleeson on board the satellite casino and tourist trap Matrix, as she faces off with a robber who is targeting large payouts. A game of cat and mouse ensues when this robber against all odds manages to defy the station's best security measures and requires some good old shoe leather detective work to identify and catch. Sometimes justice takes more than "Facial Recog".

Hop aboard for C. C. Blake's latest excursion through the space ways. Two more tales of crime, desperation, and hope set in the filthy far futures . . .

Fantascienza e fantasy
21 ottobre
Twice Told Tales II

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