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What Shelfari Readers Are Saying

"..Found it a very engaging story from the get-go... I will recommend that my older teen daughters read this book as well."
Nicole N.

"I loved how fast paced this story was and how original the plot came out to be." Maryam H.

"Very good, can't put it down story! Can't wait for book 2!! KymPossible

"A real page turner..." Susan S.

"C I N is one of the best books I've read lately." Luiza N.

"Excellent book! I can't wait for an addition to the series as the characters get you so involved and they are so complex! It is definitely a ‘can't put down’ book!" Kia

"C I N is a totally new paranormal concept with intriguing surprises that will have you guessing to the end. Great young adult read!" Sailon

Wow! This book really draws you in. Alex is so intriguing. Can't wait to read more of the city of Lynn!" Leigh

"Eerily captivating. I can't wait to read others in the series, I am hooked!" Mrs. SillyA

"Very inventive story line...Excellent debut to the series! The City of Lynn will keep you coming back for more!" JosieD

"Wow. A great big fat 'wow'! Christina creates the most intricate, dynamic, and alluring characters and the most fantastic plots to match 'em! Every time you think you know what and/or where it’s all heading that’s when a twist springs into the scene. Every time you think you've nailed the villain, there's that twist springing up and changing your mind again. It all moves so fast! Leaving you in the dust, forget analyzing and making estimated guesses! I just sat back and tried to hang on for the ride, to absorb it all! It was so great! It is a must, must, must, read!" Chelsea S.

"Honestly, I had a hard time putting it down." Melinda Dawn C.

"This book puts a whole new spin on paranormal! Fast paced and exciting, I couldn't stop reading." Starry

"...This book makes you never want to put it down and makes you want more." Christian


“A tough, yet rewarding read, CIN is strongly recommended for teenagers seeking to make sense of a world where logic and reason often seem like foreign, unattainable concepts.”

Apex Review by Chelsea Perry

C I N was featured on USA Book News! The website dedicated to “What’s New and Noteworthy”.

An honorable mention in the Teenage Category for the 2010 Hollywood Book Festival “books that should be movies”!

Fantascienza e fantasy
31 agosto
Christina Leigh Pritchard