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Alexi Romanov developed a program to control the strobing of magnets so that an atomic particle could be accelerated to near the speed of light. He calls it CATSPAW and It should have made him rich but instead it caused his wife to be murdered and sent him into hideing.
For fiteen years he stayed underground while the political alliances of the world shifted and war overtook him. Opposing armies clashed over KABUL where he had sought refuge with his new family. His new life is ripped apart when his wife and daughters are killed and in anguish he gives the CATSPAW to the rebels standing against the army of a unified Asia. The utter defeat of the Asian army begins a manhunt that tracks him to India and then to a mining colony in the Asteroid Belt.
Among the Miners of the Asteroid Belt, Alexi begins another new life. This time his invention is put to peaceful uses and becomes a prime tool in building homes and extracting the riches of the Asteroids.
But There is a secret hidden in the Asteroid Belt. A secret so powerful that an entire civilization will fall or rise with it.
This story is a roller coaster of action, adventure and human emotion combined with an eye opening vision of how society may develop when we, humans, take our first steps to colonize our solar system.

Fantascienza e fantasy
6 settembre
Daniel Cashman

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