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Kaya has spent her life working hard for a place among her people on the planet Caeli. Her rich, dark skin placed her among society’s lower class, but her life is about to feel an upheaval as a race called the Swandidi invade her planet and enslave its people. Sent by the Planetary Alliance to train the Caeli people on how to make their planet a viable asset, citizens that were once a free people now find themselves under the orders of a new ruler.

When a new Administering family sets up home within a grand palace, Kaya is specifically chosen to be the slave to a new young master – Adwin Barry. Adwin has been positioned as the new Daniachew for the people of Caeli, working as a moderator between them and the new Swandidi invaders. While Kaya finds her new master to be kind and patient with her, she has heard from the other slaves how ruthless and sexually violent the masters could be. A young virgin, Kaya finds hope with the belief that her Master Adwin will not be like those cruel masters she’s been told about.

As Kaya further earns the trust of her new master and his family, she begins to travel along his side as a communicator with the Caeli people, but will the newly enslaved natives be so open with her as to discuss their concerns during mediation, or will they find her actions to be those of a traitor and sentence her into a shameful exile? Already chastised for being of a darker skin than those who had ruled Caeli’s native population’s social ranks, Kaya faces an uphill battle with the potential for chaotic results.

Love, passion, excitement and thrills navigate the reader through this vibrant novel that showcases a beautiful new planet that is torn in conflict. Nominated for a 2006 CBS Parallax Award, Caeli’s Daniachew is a stunning science fiction romance that breaches through the genres with effortless ease.

Fantascienza e fantasy
16 settembre

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