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Do you feel that you are gaining weight and that your stomach and thigh fat is increasing, but you simply do not have enough time to go to the gym or you simply detest the thought of perspiring among total strangers? Then calisthenics is the perfect choice for you! Calisthenics is a training practice that does not involve any workout equipment, but it simply uses the weight of your body. So, you can practice calisthenics exercises virtually anywhere: in your office, in your backyard or in a park, make the exercise circuits as long as you want and do as many repetitions as you want. As this workout uses merely your body weight, your muscles will tone and strengthen much faster and you will lose weight much more efficiently. Calisthenics will also improve your endurance, flexibility, coordination and body posture, while melting away the excess body fat. Combine calisthenics with a healthy and protein-rich diet and you are in for a perfect body and ideal weight.

In this book you will read about:

- Five pieces of practical advice for calisthenics workout

- The nine essential calisthenics exercises with pictures

- Seven dietary recommendations for those practicing calisthenics

- A weekly healthy and protein-packed nutrition plan

Follow the calisthenics exercises given in this book and stick to the dietary recommendations that are compatible with this workout for ideal muscles and fast weight loss.

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