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This narrative surrounds a 58 foot fibre-glass yacht named Calypso Queen and its flamboyant owner, a person suffering from an incurable gambling syndrome and a problem he desperately attempted to stop. However, through circumstances of his own making, instead he enters into the world of trafficking in dangerous drugs to alleviate a dangerous financial situation he subsequently found himself in. It is even more remarkable when looking into the background of Dunstan Hayes the owner of Calypso Queen, a retired Army Officer with citations and medals for meritorious conduct and bravery connected to overseas combat missions behind enemy lines. A record any serving officer would have been proud to have embraced. One of the main characters within the novel Evan Bates rescues Hayes from his impending financial disaster to who Hayes becomes indelibly indebted. It is here when the novel ploughs into the sinister conspiracy of drug smuggling. As is the usual practice within large insurance companies before paying out large claims, a private investigator is generally retained to investigate the validity and genuineness of any such claim. Reginald Brian Kelso a gifted private investigator with a background of outstanding detective achievements whilst attached to the Queensland Police Service, is consulted by a loss adjuster and later retained to investigate the fire which destroyed the yacht Calypso Queen and a marina complex owned by Hayes. It tells of the cunning device set to burn and destroy the business premises in the absence of Hayes, together with the destruction of Calypso Queen allegedly on a slipway inside the premises for hull maintenance. It is a narrative of sex, drugs, and adventure, the intricate workings of detectives, their trust and loyalty in one another stemming over many years of crime fighting. The barrier that exists between old and new factions of police strategies and methods with an appropriate fascinating finale that creates an exciting finish to a novel of intrigue, greed and mystery.

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22 settembre
John Meskell

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