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The structural complexity and the synthetic challenges facing glycans have historically hampered efforts to study their multifaceted roles and the application of carbohydrates in drug development. However, in very recent years, new synthetic techniques flanked by the growing knowledge about carbohydrate involvement in physiological and pathological states has spurred renewed interest in the chemistry, biology and therapeutic potentialities of carbohydrates. This book offers an overview of key aspects of carbohydrate biology and chemistry that are fundamental for the design of novel therapeutics. The four-part structure of this book introduces these essential components to life, starting from their structure and biological roles and covering analytical methods and synthesis which pave the way for the development of a wide range of therapeutic applications. Leading experts from around the world are brought together to offer their recent research with the ultimate aim of enlightening the reader on the complex yet exciting field of carbohydrate chemistry. Academic and industrial researchers in structural biology, drug discovery and carbohydrate chemistry will find this book an essential guide to the latest research and future potential of medicinal chemistry.Contents: Structure and Biological Function of Glycoconjugates: Glycoproteins: Chemical Features and Biological Roles (Yanhong Li, Xixuan Li and Xi Chen) Gangliosphingolipids: Structure and Biological Roles (Sophie Groux-Degroote, Yann Guérardel and Philippe Delannoy) Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides: An Overview of Their Structure, Biosynthesis and Immunological Activity (Flaviana Di Lorenzo, Alba Silipo, Rosa Lanzetta, Michelangelo Parrilli and Antonio Molinaro) Towards Glycomics: Methodologies and Techniques for the Determination of Structure and Activity Relationship: Mass Spectrometry: Updates in the Elucidation of Structure of Oligosaccharides (Maria Michela Corsaro) Advanced NMR Techniques: Defining Carbohydrate Structures and Ligand-Receptor Interactions (M Álvaro Berbís, Ángeles Canales, Javier Sastre-Martinez, Luca Unione, M C Fernández-Alonso, Pilar Blasco, F Javier Cañada and Jesús Jiménez-Barbero) Glycoarrays: An Invaluable Tool for Glycomics (Niels-Christian Reichardt, Sonia Serna and Juan Echevarria) Informatics and Analytical Tools for Glycan Analysis and the Development of Biotherapeutics (Catherine A Hayes, Giorgio Carta, Niclas G Karlsson Fergal Duffy and Pauline M Rudd) Synthetic Challenges: Towards Drug Development: Classical Tools for Oligosaccharide Synthesis (Daniel B Werz) When Enzymes Do It Better: Enzymatic Glycosylation Methods (Antoni Planas, Magda Faijes and Victoria Codera) Automated Chemical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides and Glycoconjugates (Salvatore G Pistorio, Keith J Stine and Alexei V Demchenko) Carbohydrate-Based Compounds For Medicinal Chemistry Applications: Iminosugars: The Potential of Carbohydrate Analogs (Naoki Asano) Vaccines against Bacterial Pathogens: A General Overview (Darielys Santana Medero, Dagmar Garcia Rivera, Yury Valdes Balbin and Vicente Verez Bencomo) Carbohyd rate-Based Antibacte Current Progress and Future Outlook (Sachin S Shivatare and Chung-Yi Wu) Synthetic Vaccines Against Cancers (Michele Fiore, Baptiste Thomas, Gour Chand Daskhan and Olivier Renaudet) DC-SIGN as a Target for Drug Development Based on Carbohydrates (Sara Sattin, Franck Fieschi and Anna Bernardi) Carbohydrates, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering Applications (Laura Russo, Antonella Sgambato, Davide Bini, Ilaria Calloni, Davide Origgi, Fatma Cetin Telli and Laura Cipolla) Carbohydrate Multivalent Systems: Synthesis and Therapeutic Opportunities (Jose J Reina and Javier Rojo) Antitubercular Drugs Based on Carbohydrate Derivatives (Vishwanath Gaitonde and Steven J Sucheck) Conclusion: Carbohydrate-Based Drugs on the Market: Overview and Future Directions (Matteo Gentili and Oscar Francesconi) Readership: Chemists, biochemists, glycobiologists,...

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