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This book presents a comprehensive approach to the versatile and fascinating field of carbohydrate chemistry. It covers, besides the colorful historical perspective within the utilization of carbohydrates and their derivatives, all modern aspects on their properties, nomenclature, uses, and natural occurrence as such or as residues in a variety of biologically active molecules. Special emphasis is paid to various conversion techniques for producing value-added chemicals, biofuels, and other products from carbohydrate-rich renewable resources.

This book can be primarily used as an advanced textbook for a wide range of readers in many disciplines; not only students and teachers but also everyone who works in the laboratory as a researcher or in production and planning or who generally needs relevant knowledge of carbohydrates.
Contents: IntroductionHistorical Background of Carbohydrate Utilization and ChemistryIsomerismRepresentation of Open-chain Chiral Molecules as Planar FormulasConfigurationCyclic Forms of MonosaccharidesNaming of MonosaccharidesCarbohydrate BiosynthesisNatural Carbohydrates and Their DerivativesCarbohydrate Residues-containing Substance GroupsCharacteristic Reactions of CarbohydratesUtilization of Biomass
Readership: Chemists, biochemists, glycobiologists, materials scientists, students in biochemistry and biology.
Keywords:Carbohydrate Chemistry;Carbohydrate History;Carbohydrate Nomenclature;Carbohydrate Biosynthesis;Natural Carbohydrates;Carbohydrate-Rich Molecules;Chemical Pulping;Carbohydrate Utilization;Biomass Conversion;BioproductsReview:Key Features:A comprehensive book that contains all important areas of modern carbohydrate chemistryA broad description about natural carbohydrates and their derivatives is includedA detailed overview of possibilities to produce a great variety of products from carbohydrates or carbohydrate-rich renewable resources is given

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