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Cassandra has just graduated from high school and returns home to the mountains where she grew up on grandpa's ranch. Riding bareback to a private pond on the ranch, she lazes away the days as she dreams of losing her virginity and a romantic future. Her dreams are shattered by Jack Anderson...until she meets a dark haired cowboy, Ted Burke....

It was a warm day. The temperatures had pushed the mercury above 80 degrees for the previous three days, and that day promised to be the fourth in a row with no relief in the Tahoe regional forecast. The sky was clear and blue and there was no wind evident by the stillness of the massive cedar trees that lined the small mountain lake, Lake Chulla.

Cassandra was stark naked on a wooden raft, sunbathing. She did this often, as the lake was in an extremely secluded area of her grandfather’s ranch. It was easily a mile to the main house. She rode her horse, Buddy Dancer, from the freshly white painted stables, out to the lake right after lunch. She was 18 now and had just graduated from high school down in San Francisco. This summer was the end of a youthful era for Cass...she was now considered, by everyone, to be an adult. Especially since, she lost her virginity on the past Easter week, with that idiot cowboy, Jack Anderson. What a mess that was. 

Here’s an aside:

He took her to church in a white dress and dumped her off in a bundled up red one. Grandpa went after him with a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun. Word has it that no one has seen his scrawny ass since that fateful Sunday evening.

Fiction e letteratura
5 novembre
New Line Press

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