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----- The complete Catalysts of Chaos series -----

(Book 1) Mistress of Masks: The hopeful adherent, Eydis, wants nothing more than to lead a life of solitary devotion within the sheltered walls of a seclusionary. But when her pilgrimage to a sacred grove ends in a vision of the end of the world, she realizes the Mother requires a more dangerous service from her. Seeking the catalysts prophecy says can overcome chaos, she aligns herself with a notorious traitor, Orrick of Kroad, and Geveral, a dryad mage who has yet to tame his powers. Together, can the three unlikely heroes thwart the evil sorcerer Rathnakar and the wave of darkness threatening to devour their world? 

(Book 2) Betrayer of Blood: Fleeing from the newly fallen Asincourt seclusionary, Eydis and Geveral struggle to protect the refugees in their charge. But as they journey through the icy mountains toward the safe haven of a dwarven city, a mysterious wizard works toward their destruction. Meanwhile, Orrick of Kroad has narrowly escaped death at Asincourt, only to be pursued for the price on his head. 

(Book 3) Summoner of Storms: As Rathnakar's evil army marches toward the fortress of Endguard, Eydis and Orrick are tested by a hazardous journey across the wetlands, while battling enemy spies and their own diverging loyalties. An injured Geveral is stranded in a haunted forest and hunted by ravenous hunger hounds.

(Book 4) Clash of Catalysts: The oracle of Silverwood Grove sends Geveral on a journey to a distant mountain fortress to forge an alliance with a winged race of dragonkin. Orrick is captured by his enemies and put on trial for treason. Eydis faces her greatest struggle as mistress of masks when she is forced to battle a powerful and familiar foe. Even as the three catalysts are drawn inexorably toward their ultimate destinies, four armies meet on the plains of Endguard. Their clash will determine the fate of Earth Realm.

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C. Greenwood

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