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When average people are forced into life and death struggles for freedom, more than individual lives hang in the balance. Nations can be put in jeopardy. Continent wide struggles can be initiated. The continuation of societies, from the local to national and even planet-wide, are skewered. This might not be from the onrush of massive armies or the belligerent threats of a nuclear power despot, but by the commission of an every day murder and the motivation for these deaths? A father and son, simply discussing a conspiracy theory on the internet. From so small a crime, the might and decisiveness of everyday people can be triggered. In “Celebrating End of the World, Almost,” it is the courage and resourcefulness of everyday Americans who start a fight that they seemingly cannot win. They ignore the rule, “Never start a fight you can't win.” They start the fight and carry it almost the unraveling of humankind's tenuous existence.

The unraveling of society and the marshaling of catastrophic waves of discordance leads to an awakening. These are the newly awakened slaves, the now-knowing rebels, that have become aware of the ever present untruths, the miss-directions, the omissions and the constant lying. This is the story of the resurrection of true freedom, freedom from the manipulation of the ruling stratum.

For centuries, the enemies of the people have held sway over vast populations of the world by almost completed control of accepted knowledge, by guiding the generational acquisition of knowledge and by modifying any inconvenient histories. This knowledge base is planned and planted by the powers that be. It is not safe to discuss, these powers. To discuss the wrong powers, is to invite almost instantaneous death. This is “the” war. The first battle, however, is a cause for the celebration of the almost end of the world, as we know it.

“Celebrating End of the World, Almost” is about people, every day people. Some are characters, some are like you and I, but they are people that have learned the truth in a world of untruths. The book is a celebration of doing what is needed and what is right.

Fiction e letteratura
19 ottobre
Ken Ramsey

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