Chakra Stones: How To Use Healing Chakra Crystals & Stones; Healing Stones for Chakra Balancing

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Get Back Your Energy Now and Live A Balanced Life!

Are you going through some challenges now and you think it’s high time you took charge of your life? Do you want to wake up tomorrow in your dream self? Stop dreaming and start living your dreams!

Chakra Stones brings the solution to your personality and health problems. This is your chance to enjoy the admiration of people around you. It’s a Do-It-Yourself chakra balancing guide. It’s easy and natural. You don’t even need to spend extra on chakra therapy. Save your hard-earned money for some chakra nourishment. Find out more in this book.

Gain insight on how to determine when your chakras are out of tune. You’ll also see simple techniques you can use to balance your chakras and become in your dream self.

Plus you’ll learn about:

The Root Chakra and the natural techniques to keep it balanced at all times
Sacral Chakra and the foods you can eat to get it back to balance
Solar-Plexus and how to regain your sense of wisdom and power
The Heart Chakra is the seat of love
The Throat Chakra which can make you an influential speaker
The Third Eye Chakra, your connection to universal energy
The Crown Chakra so you can take full charge of your life and destiny
...and lots more!

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