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~* Book One of the Relics and Remnants Series *~

In the third age of human space travel, vast colony ships are sent inching across the dark veil of time and space seeking out new uninhabited world where human civilization could start over and human history would carry on. But humans being the contrary force they are, do not take those first grand step into the unknown with a unified purpose and a single ideology. And many of those vessels left behind the bastion and birthplace of humanity seeking out a new Utopia, a new Eden from whatever it was their passengers found offensive. One such ship had a simple enough dream, to leave behind that solar system rife with technology and to seek out a new, untouched world, where their children and their children's children could have simpler, happier lives free from such distractions. Time passed and that ship carrying its' sleeping cargo has crossed the vast unending darkness to the very edge of what was 'known' when they left behind that now distant star system, and through the mechanized iris of an automatic camera the first pictures of their new home are taken.
But beneath the veil of the wild untamed wilderness, hiding from the sight of those cameras, and already old beyond imagining, there are secrets waiting to be discovered on that world. Another race, an alien race, had once, long before humanity ever touched the soil of that planet, had 'made something' of that planet, only to abandon it to ravages of history. Those settlers had thought to come to an untouched world, free from technology, only to discover an alien race had beaten them there. And what that alien race had left behind, was far beyond proof to how little humanity had evolved. Technologies, far in advanced of their own abilities, was scattered across the face of their new home, and because of their history and the history of the many generations of their descendants would be changed forever.
Time has passed, as that thing has a tendency to due, and history has stretched out through the ages. Humanity has managed to hold on to that reclaimed world, but it was not an easy thing, wars and conflict permeate their separate history, much of born from the strain of the settlers intentions set on a world overrun by alien technology. Many things were discovered and most have been lost through the course of that history, but humans carry on seeking out their separate lives. Talia and her siblings are born into that world where simple things tangle together with the advanced. But she is not one of those who seeks the simple life of a farmer, she has a gift for technology, a desire to learn, and a force urging her to discover all that is lost. And though she does not yet know it, destiny is calling to her through histories both known and unknown to lead her on a path that might well change everything, forever.

Fantascienza e fantasy
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Shiva Winters

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