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Gifted and talented students and any student interested in pursuing a science major in college needs a rigorous program to prepare them while they are still in high school. This book utilizes a format where the application of several disciplinesscience, math, and language arts principlesare mandated. Each lab concludes with either an essay or a detailed analysis of what happened and why it happened. This format is based on the expectations of joining a university program or becoming an industrial science professional.
The ideal student lab report would be written in a lab research notebook, and then the essay or final analysis is done on a word processor to allow for repeat editing and corrections. The research notebook has all graph pages, a title section, and a place for the students and their assistants to sign and witness that exercise. The basic mechanics of the lab reporttitle, purpose, procedure, diagrams, data table, math and calculations, observations, and graphsare handwritten into the book. The conclusion is done on a word processor (MS Word), which allows the instructor to guide the student in writing and editing a complete essay using the MLA format. When the final copy is completed, the essay is printed and inserted into the lab notebook for grading.
At the end of the term, the student has all their labs in one place for future reference. These lab notebooks can be obtained for as little as $ 3.00 per book. This is money well-spent. In our district, the Board of Education buys the books for each student. The BOE sees these books as expendable but necessary materials for all science and engineering instruction.

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