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Years after the Pandora pandemic decimated the world's population, successful civilizations are truly starting to come together. Led by Mother, Newton stands as an example to the people, a model for how their lives can get back to normal.

But not everyone lives in Newton, and not everyone misses the life of old. Children raised in the time after the pandemic have no memories of shopping malls, have no idea why make-up was so popular, and don't have a clue what it was like to call a restaurant and order take out. While Mother and the other leaders like her struggled so hard to get back all they lost, they were too busy to notice that their children didn't even want that kind of life.

After Pandora, a young girl was saved from life on an army base and raised in a tenty, living a life as far from the Newton ideal as anyone could. Under the guidance of strong people, she beat the odds and made it through childhood. And just as she begins to blossom, to start questioning life and the world around her, she's left all alone.

As the loneliness clears, she begins to take stock of her life and the world in general. She doesn't know her real name or where she came from. She has only a best guess at her age. She has never interacted with people on her own, and hasn't got a clue why her guardians were hell bent on keeping her from the army. The only food she has is whatever she can find for herself, and all of her supplies must be scrounged.

However, she's not completely alone. She has her beloved Book, the diary she began as a girl. What started as an educational exercise she loathed became her outlet, her sounding board, her friend. Armed with Book, her backpack, and her grit, she sets out on a journey to discover not only the world, but herself.

Fantascienza e fantasy
12 ottobre
Beth Reason

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