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After twenty eight years in the making, C. F. Turner's much anticipated epic fantasy has arrived.
The Children of the Colony series has been tremendously anticipated. Turner's successful career as a master sculptor has given way to a stirring creation. Carved from the grand universe, far beyond our own galaxy, this story finds its setting. The battle to save a world from darkness is enigmatic, yet so close we can touch and sense the struggles of its time-locked characters. Set in a world based on original concepts that embrace an entire trilogy of brilliant characters on mythic adventures, the story is told through the eyes of the most ancient and powerful Seeress in their galaxy. Turner does not disappoint with his lead female characters, particularly the young healer who endured the plight of slavery to become the foundation of a growing power that will change the course of history and the lives of all persons upon her world.
For a tremendously satisfying journey of mighty warriors and alien damsels who defy distress, this story is interwoven with a theology that includes human-like gods, love, the pitfalls of hate, murder and social-political intrigue. Soon all, including gods, will realize it takes more than these things to bring about a world wrapped in light and life. Children of the Colony stands alone in its often relatable descriptions of a world in turmoil. You will not want to miss its sequel.

Fantascienza e fantasy
17 novembre
C. F. Turner