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This is a bundle of 3 Christmas stories.

A Christmas Wish

Spencer Martin was a workaholic who hated Christmas ever since his girlfriend was killed on that day five years ago. When Spencer's sister invites him to spend Christmas with her the idea of a 'family' Christmas doesn't sit well with him. But he has a change of heart when he hears his first love, Maggie Sinclair, would be there. Maggie loved Christmas, from her snowman decorations to baking cookies for her elementary class and everything else in between. Could Maggie make Spencer love Christmas again? Could she make him fall in love again?

Christmas Surrender

Holly Jacobs was single for the first time in years on Christmas Eve. Whether that was good or bad, she wasn't sure. She only wanted to get through the holidays. Could a stranger named Jack make her forget her ex, Andrew? It was a Christmas she'd never forget, one that would change her life, a Christmas Surrender.

Christmas in Cuffs (MFM Menage)

Debbie Langston was older than the handsome young policeman, Brian, in the apartment below her. And she had more curves then the waifs she occasionally saw him with. But that didn't stop her from wanting him----and his roomate Jason as well. Debbie had dreams and fantasies, involving two men, and somekinky bondage. When her roomates go away for the holidays will Debbie have a Christmas in Cuffs?

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