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The Chronicles of Oni is a collection of short stories based on magical characters created by my fans that take place after the demise of dragons. As a contest prize, each winner created their character by choosing the creature type, personality, name, and the time era. After choosing their basic character sketch, I created the story of how and why Oni encountered the character and determine the character’s fate.

Chapter 2: Barbara

After his near death battle with Zilla, Oni reconsidered his life of solitude. He began visiting villages and found pleasure in hearing stories of the people he met. In one village near the ocean, he met a sailor from a far off land that was terrorized by an army of demons. Hearing of the terror and destruction, Oni remembered his promise he made a long time ago and set off to help.

As Oni hiked through the mountains, he found an injured hawk. Seeing the animal's suffering, he asked the noble bird's permission to tend to her wounds. He quickly realized she had been a companion of the birdmen and she too was lost in the new world. He named her Barbara and the two become close friends. It did not take long for their loyalty and trust in each other to be tested by the forces of dark magic.

Fantascienza e fantasy
25 settembre
Dave Rudden

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