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The final chapter in the Chronicles of Ror series. Sarah Gold has returned to Whisehitel in time to help free Captain Ror from Sidi. Now that she is back, Ror has a decision to make. Should she become the new queen? Slipstorm has replaced Ryeloc as King of the Black Hair tribe and he believes it is now his decision to choose a queen, regardless of Ror’s prophecy. To make matters worse, King Yimiry of the Rested Tribe has proposed to Sarah to make her his wife. Ror doesn’t want to lose her, not again. He thought he had lost her forever when she fell back through the portals to Earth. Now that she is back, it may be harder than ever to let her go.

Whatever he decides, life will not be easy, as Sidi is now dead and Shadow Man, her beloved servant, is out for blood. Shadow Man, the last of the Solo Loss tribe of assassins, may be the greatest foe the Black Hair tribe has ever seen. It will take more than their strength to bring him down; it will take the combined efforts of both the Rested Tribe and the Black Hair tribe. Too bad King Yimiry lost so many of his people during the attack on White Rock. He does not have any Pulse Riders to spare to fight against Shadow Man. King Slipstorm does not see Shadow Man as a true threat to his people and will not pursue him without just cause.

Until Shadow Man is dealt with, no one in the Black Hair tribe is safe. If Shadow Man is as powerful as Captain Ror thinks he is, no one in any tribe may be safe, be it servant or king. The reign of the kings of Whisehitel could be at an end.

Fantascienza e fantasy
10 aprile
Karen Langolf

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