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The story of Captain Ror continues in book 5.
At the end of Book 4, Departure, Sarah Gold was able to send many of her fellow Earthlings back home using the supposedly unpredictable Portals. Choosing to stay behind, Sarah had to say goodbye to two people: Amber Cutler, one of two teenage Goth girls from her home of Oakland, Maryland, and her best friend on Earth Detective Ron Smith. Staying behind with her are the other Goth girl from Oakland, Maryland, Tiffany Feather and guitarist Tim Burns. While trying to send her friends back home, they are attacked by the Colleen Green, a cannibalistic tribe of green haired women with green veins protruding from their necks.
After finding out that Sarah Gold was in danger of being eaten alive by cannibals, Captain Ror of the Black Hair tribe rushes through the mountains to save her. It will take all of his wits to dodge past the dangers deep inside the mountain and the wilderness beyond in order to find her. He fears that despite all of her training, she is still incapable of defending herself. While he rushes to her rescue he can't help but recollect that his father wants him to make Sarah the queen of their tribe; a task only Ror can do. The fate of the future queen is sealed by prophecy and it states that the woman he next kisses will rule. After fifteen years of waiting and fending off unworthy women, he does not agree that Sarah is the correct choice. Still, he rushes to protect her because a part of him does wish she would become queen, even if she would not become his wife.
Meanwhile, supplies of Heat Stock and Endurance are running low at the Black Hair settlement of Shadow Falls. These two things are vital to the survival of the visitors from Earth.King Ryeloc is sending a variety of his tribesmen out to obtain more supplies, including Captain Lyle and his pregnant wife Tiffany Collins. Together, they travel to the Southern Domain's marketplace but Captain Lyle has a surprise in store for his new wife along the way which may cause an unexpected painful delivery of the goods.
With Sarah lost in the mountains, it is up to Tiffany Featherlight to find a way to continue tracking the portals. She runs into problems, however, when the portal tracking device suddenly stops working. Out of fear for her own life, she keeps that secret hidden from the king of the Rested Tribe, Yimiry. Her hope diminishes as the Elders of the Rested Tribe return to White Rock in order to reconnect with the settlement after it had been rebuilt. Their arrival brings a rekindled hatred for anything that is not pure blood Rested Tribe causing death and destruction in their wake. All Tiffany Featherlight can do is try to fix the portal tracking device and pray that somehow Sarah Gold makes it back to White Rock before the Elders kill her.

Fantascienza e fantasy
18 marzo
Karen Langolf

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