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Captain Ror’s story continues in book six, Sidi’s Melding. Captain Ror has taken Gremon with him into the mountains to make trade, only to be captured by the new prophecy maker, Sidi, and imprisoned in her home, Melding. There, he finds that the former prophecy maker, Seer, is alive and has been held prisoner in order for Sidi to rise in the ranks and become the one and only prophecy maker.

A rescue seems unlikely as internal struggles are ongoing in White Rock. King Yimiry has welcomed three new Black Hair tribesmen into White Rock in order to assist with repairs and defending the wall against outside attacks. He is adamant that Sarah Gold should return to White Rock but he has an ulterior motive that surprises even his cousin, King Ryeloc, leader of the Black Hair tribe. He has kept this agenda a secret even from his own tribe as he worries the Elders might try to harm Sarah, since she is not a Rested Tribesman, but a visitor from Earth. If he is fearful that the Elders would go against his back and try to harm his future queen, he worries what might happen if they found out another visitor has already become pregnant inside of the walls of White Rock.

Fantascienza e fantasy
18 marzo
Karen Langolf

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