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Can you imagine having children who didn't want to talk to you or listen to anything you say? This happens in many homes and it is such a pity! Keeping connected and communicative with your child starts at a young age. If you don't start early on, you'll have no chance as they reach the teenage years.

Communicating With Your Kids give real life examples and solutions. Strategies are suggested for how you can keep the lines of communication open and positive.

This is the 6th book in the series 'Positive Parenting' by Karen Campbell and Katrina Kahler. Both ladies are highly experienced and awarded teachers with 60 years of combined experience in the classroom, helping children deal with a vast array of problems, social skills and academic challenges. They have both raised two children each and these children have grown up to be teenage leaders in their community.

Other books in this parenting series include: The Puberty Bomb; How To Win Friends And Influence People for Kids; Confident Kids; How To Improve Your Child's Behavior Today; Achieving Success At School; Smart Baby; and The Parenting Trap (this book has it all).

Karen and Katrina are on a mission to share their knowledge and experience with parents worldwide. They want to show you how to help your child to achieve their full potential and lead happy and successful lives.

The authors have aimed their books at children aged from birth through to the early teenage years. Click on the book image above and have a look inside, the clickable table of contents will give you an insight into the valuable information contained in this potentially life-changing book.

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Katrina Kahler

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