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Power. Beautiful, delicious, exquisite, unadulterated power. As Ludyani watches the recording of her Commander conquering Earth, using the Syndicate's advanced technology to shrink entire cities and pulverizing them beneath her glorious boots, she trembles with desire and aches with a longing for something more, something so much more than she has.

Earth had fallen in a day, and its people had been collected, shrunken to the very managable size of an inch or less, and relocated to massive storage facilities. That was why Ludyani had been stationed here.

She is a Shepherd, responsible for a glorified warehouse containing millions of tiny humans. The structure's systems are automated, leaving her work to be horridly dull and unfulfilling.

Here and there a couple humans would get out of place and cross her path. The first time she'd crushed one under her shoe, it had been quite a rush. Now, though, it's a simple impulse, almost a reflex. It's still pleasant to feel them flatten under her feet, but it's just not enough.

Ludyani watches the films of Commander Elsha nightly, seeing her battle armies, dominate worlds, crush civilizations--she idolizes her, worships her... she longs for her and longs to be her.

As time goes on, her needs only continue to grow, and it doesn't take long for them to begin eclipsing her responsibilities. After all, there's literally millions of captive humans at her disposal. Her performance review might suffer, but in the grand scheme of things, some inventory loss won't cause any harm.


At more than 30,000 words "Conquest" is Miss Kaneda's deepest and most detailed work to date and contains a vast collection of all sorts of domination, crush, cruelty and humiliation seen in her giantess and size fetish erotica.

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2 luglio
Miss Kaneda

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