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Conscious Caregiving Guide

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Lise Leblanc has written two books on staying healthy as a caregiver, and has edited a third book, all part of the Caregiving Collection.
-CBC, Giacomo Panico.

If you have to take care of anyone with health issues, no matter what their age is, buy and read this book.
-Janet Pole Cousineau, Librarian at A.E. Multi-Source Library

What kind of caregiver are you? The Doormat? The Fighter? The Judge? What if you knew which style would be best for your own health and the health of your loved one? It is THAT important to decide now... on the way IN to the caregiving journey, one that often begins abruptly. Lise Leblanc carefully constructs a step by step, easy to absorb plan for working through the illness of a loved one. As a therapist she has seen the exhaustion and devastation this honourable role can cause, and she has also experienced caregiving first-hand in her own life. When she was a caregiver for her grandmother, Lise didn't know the things she knows now: who and how to ask for help, where and what to do when you run out of energy, love, and time, and especially when and how to take a break. Lise lived through her own journey and she chronicles how you can avoid the same mistakes as she writes in Wish I Knew: Conscious Caregiving Guide. Here are: concrete examples, self assessment quizzes real-life stories, practical but quick exercises, insights and strategies. Wish I Knew: Conscious Caregiving Guide will provide the help you need to tackle the caregiving role and achieve optimum wellness for yourself and your loved one. This book is the ideal companion to other books in the "Wish I Knew" series.

Salute, mente e corpo
5 novembre
Blue Moon Publishers

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