Copy & Sell Vintage Photographs for Massive Profit Margins on eBay, Amazon, Etsy & Countless Other Websites

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Just imagine:

- having a business where some of the world's most famous and celebrated photographers create images for you, and where you can legally set your own prices and sell as many of those images as you like.

- selling hundreds of copies of the same image within a couple of months of creating your own copyright version.

- having no fees or royalties of any kind to pay to the celebrated photographer who created that image, and who won't ever want a brass farthing from you for entitling you to copy his work, even though you copy it and sell it for many years to come.

That's what life is like for people today selling reproduction photographs and other images from the public domain, and reselling those items on eBay and Amazon, Etsy and dozens of other marketplaces.  And making great profits on every sale.  From a personal point of view, I have enjoyed the greatest success selling reprint photographs on eBay, but the same images have also sold well on Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, Café Press, and other websites.

Does that sound good to you?  And wouldn't you like to grab your share of the action today?

I thought so, and that is why I urge you to start reading my report right away and begin making money immediately you've digested the very last page.


-  Foreword from the Author

-  Introduction

-  Choosing Profitable Images

-  Why 'Topo' Views are Potentially the Most Profitable of all

-  Why People Buy Reprint Photographs

-  The Item Must Be in the Public Domain

-  How to Create Copies

-  Tips


As my regular readers know, I view the public domain as one of the easiest and most exciting areas from which to grow a high profit business, for reasons more than just money.

Working with the public domain means you get to profit from really outstanding artistic and literary creations from some of the world's most talented individuals, and you do that without paying a penny in royalties or licensing fees of any kind.

But there's a more important reason why the public domain is a great place to turn for hot selling product ideas.  That reason is uniqueness, originality, a potential monopoly offered to any entrepreneur taking steps to protect whatever products he - or she - recreates from the public domain. 

You don't need lawyers to help you understand how to take and profit from items in the public domain; you don't have to register your new product, and it takes just a few minutes to turn a public domain item into your own exclusive copyright and thereby ensure you are the only person ever allowed to sell it.

Today you'll hear about one of the most overlooked and potentially THE most profitable areas of the public domain, where just one original item can be converted into many hundreds of different product types, and for which outside firms will manufacture products to your exact specifications and deliver them direct to your customers. 

You can take one or millions of these items, create an exact copy in minutes, get double or triple figure prices on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and countless other websites.  And you can either create the finished product yourself or have an outside firm create and deliver the product for you.

Now that's what I call a 'hands off' business!

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29 maggio
Avril Harper

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