Creative Personal Branding

The Strategy to Answer What's Next

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In this innovative book Jürgen Salenbacher shares his unique personal coaching method designed to develop creative thinking and innovation. The method, while it originated as a career management tool, it can be used by anyone who wishes to explore what they have to offer the world. 

In five succinct chapters Salenbacher reveals how to use brand positioning methodology to discover where to go next. Along the way he discusses the origins of today’s crisis, the keys to creative thinking, he examines the work of leading theorists in business culture, and sets readers 9 assignments designed to coach them towards realising their assets and skills. An invaluable professional resource, Creative Personal Branding (CPB) is a fascinating and very practical tool for anyone interested in positioning themselves in the creative economy.

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Jürgen Salenbacher

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book review

Creative personal branding, by Jürgen Salenbacher, is the book that answers everyone’s question “What should I do next?”, with a focus on both job and personal life. The aim is to help the reader with understanding present and future market changes and how to adapt them, while taking advantage of new opportunities and through personal change and growth.

Salenbacher writes in a inspiring way, carefully explaining every passage and sharing his personal experience to help the reader get the most out of the book. He guides the reader though the book, with the assignments and with the last chapter, which consists of a guided tutorial towards creative personal branding.

As a reader keen on details, I appreciate the data that were given all book long, it’s an important scientific aspect that gives the book more credibility. In addition to that, all examples were taken from well-known enterprises’ strategies, another extra for realism. Another interesting detail is the layout of the book, there’s bold characters, there’s quotes and illustrations, all of this makes it a fun and interesting read.

Furthermore, at the end of every chapter we can find an assignment, the writer suggests that the reader completes every assignment as they come by it. This enhances the aim of the book to help individuals understand new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities through personal growth.

I am giving Creative personal branding, by Jürgen Salenbacher, four stars out of five. With its projection of the future market, its inspirational quotes and catching layout, this book will catch every reader’s mind. I feel like recommending this novel to everyone that feels in need of a change and wants their life to take a turn for the better. In the end, I would like to finish this review with a quote from the book, explaining what the author’s aim is: “want to share with you my strategy for answering this question: Creative Personal Branding. Its four key values are substance, style, conviction and grace. It aims to develop creative leadership, helping you to identify where to go, how to get there and with whom.”

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