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Be brave warrior!

If you’re looking for a motivational book, then look no further. Cyber Warz was designed for you! The book series will teach you how to look at life and not give in too easily when things get hard cause “It could get worse”. If anything bad can happen, then it most probably will. Cyber Warz is for you readers who love adventure. This mini-series will keep you captivated for as long as you follow it.

Cyber Warz takes place in South Africa in the year 4018 and is about a game developed to brainwash the youth of the entire world. The game allows one to be completely digitised into the virtual world. The game starts off harmlessly, but the more players log onto the game, the more dangerous the game becomes.

Narrated by Shone Molise, a character in the book, Cyber Warz tells of a war that begins with three gamers who discover an evil truth about the game. The developers of the game, called “Race to Glory”, want to use the game to take over the entire world. The game will be used to change the outlook of the world and soon the developers will digitise the entire world. Our heroes are forced to play the game in both the digital world and in the real world in order to save it. They must find the rare items in the game that possess the code that will shut down the whole operation of the developers.

Follow our heroes as they risk their lives to save the entire world by fighting in both the digital world and in the real world. Our heroes Jake, V.Samurai and Zee have a destiny that they will have to follow.

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