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The Danish people have often been voted as one of the top ten happiest people in the world for years in a row. What secret do they know that the rest of the world is missing out on? It isn't much of a secret it is simply the way the choose to live their lives. Unlike most of the world which is stuck in a chaotic on the go lifestyle, the Danish like to enjoy the moment and take pride in the more simple things of life. Ask any Danish person and they will tell you what makes them happy is their Hygge lifestyle.

Hygge may sound like a fascinating foreign concept but you will quickly learn in this book - there isn't a secret formula or complex lifestyle they live.
What you will learn is:

- Why the home is important

- Hygge living with friends and family

- What foods and drinks are considered to be more Hygge

- How to include Hygge in your own personal care

- And much more

If you have been stuck with stressed filled days, feelings of overwhelming and simply tired of hanging out with your friends without having an actual conversation than you'll want to learn why Hygge living can help benefit you. Hygge isn't something that meant to be practiced by the Danish, it is something you can begin to incorporate into your life to live a happier and more fulfilling life as well.

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