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The Dead Series comes to its conclusion through the eyes of a familiar foe.

Joseph William Gunnite has dethroned history’s greatest villains in his crusade of blood, treachery, and genocidal mania that took place in the previous installments of the Dead Series. Callous, calculated, and unforgiving, hell-bent on becoming the predator that exterminates the human race once and for all, with a few swipes of his Claymore and a few blasts from his revolvers, Josey has rewritten the archetype of pure malice.

But he wasn’t always that way…

It happened while he was out on a hunt in the swamps of Northern Florida one day with his Pa, Sister, and fellow villagers of post-apocalyptic, Fire Age America, and it set him on a lifelong sequence of doubt and rebellion that led to the development of the man he is today—or the monster. But is it all his doing, or does he really have the curse of deeper, unseen forces upon him that have twisted his nature? Moreover, screams echo across the cosmos, screams of the Vespid Queen who has learned of Gabriel’s victory over Vespiter, and she’s coming for revenge. Will Josey settle his inner demons and solve the puzzle of his life on time to be of any use to humanity? Or will this Fire Age, Florida Cowboy gone-the-Devil get his macabre wish of standing over the embers of the earth?

Only time will tell…

So come along for the last ride of the Dead Series Trilogy. Live through every hack and slash, every pull of the trigger, and every malevolent thought that crossed this man’s mind and set him on a pathway to destruction or to his unforeseen destiny. Gritty, novel, cerebral, and epic—Dead Galaxy Swirlin’ ties the entire series together and brings it to a consummation so vicious—that it actually lives up to its title.

Fantascienza e fantasy
23 luglio
Julian Massaglia

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