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Looking for your Mixed Wrestling fix? You'll fall in love with these amazing women! Several of the matches come from a North Virginia event we were able to do during mid-March of 2021.

Cari is one of the many 1st timers profiled. This adorable brunette has high school wrestling experience that she combines with a hard-core femme-domme attitude. See how this genuine bad-ass put Don in his place. Fans of verbal humiliation and emasculation will adore Cari!

Next up is Mimi, another 1st timer. Mimi wrestles against her husband! By the time of the unevent, Mimi had already humbled Ronny, but this was their 1st time wrestling in front of others. While Mimi makes sure to keep Ronny in one piece, he doesn't escape unharmed. His body and mind will never quite be the same after taking a rough set of scissors and some creative head-locks. We thank Mimi for showing us how a genuine bad-ass wife handles her husband!

Mara is up next and this African-American beauty shows her shorter, older, lighter co-worker his own weakness. Thomas made a remark about possibly winning, which was a huge mistake. Mara used this as extra motivation to showcase her abilities. This one was a real ass-kicking! We thank Mara and look forward to additional interviews with this amazing powerhouse!

Darci is up next and this lady knows how to use her thick thighs to crush guys. You'll fall in love with Darci's amazing hips and bad-ass-attitude! This is Darci's 1st time being featured but it won't be her last. This lady loves torturing men physically and emotionally. You'll see why Darci lists "emasculation" as her top hobby.

This book features the largest, strongest collection or 2nd timers. Lynne, Adriennce, Emilia, Annette, LeAnn and Jolie are all tunning women.

 Lynne is one of the most bad-ass women you could ever hope to meet. Lynne beat my (Ken) ass and she was able to make it to this event to crush another male ego.

Adrienne and Emilia are sister and you'll love their pics and profiles. These two sisters were adopted and you'll learn all about their relationship with their adopted family. It's a heart-warming story, but it also showcases female superiority in a major way!

LeAnn and Jolie are also sisters and these thick-legged Latin beauties will amaze you. These two beauties have got it all. They're beautiful, strong, dominant and very skilled. You'll cherish the pictures and profiles of these two very special ladies.

Annette is a stunning blonde who hasn't been profiled in a couple of years. How does it feel to get your ass kicked by a bikini competitor? Annette has a model's physique plus a bit more muscle. If you're a fan of blonde bombshells then you'll fall in love with Annette.

If you like strong, skilled, dominant women, then you'll love this ebook. Please remember to check out all of our other ebooks and enjoy the world of Mixed Wrestling and Ballbusting women!

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April 7
Ken Phillips

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