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Responding to God’s Grace

The study this quarter focuses on God’s gift of faith and how we respond to it both personally and communally. The sessions from the Old and New Testaments illuminate how God’s grace impacts the lives of all believers, as demonstrated by their obedience, gratitude, and holy living. 

UNIT 1 • God Is Faithful

This unit has five sessions that tell the story of God’s faithfulness. In Genesis, God is faithful to Abraham by blessing his nephew Lot, and God is faithful in answering Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel. In Exodus, God is faithful to the people of Israel by providing manna when they complain of hunger. In Numbers, Caleb and Joshua remind the Israelites of God’s faithfulness. Later, God hears their cries and forgives, although the people continue to rebel.

Unit 2 • Responses to God’s Faithfulness

This unit has four sessions that explore reactions to the many benefits accrued to humans because of God’s grace. Deuteronomy teaches that faith requires a response of obedience. The story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings shows that faithful obedience saves Elijah, the widow, and her son. Luke’s Gospel tells about gratitude for God’s faithfulness in the anointing of Jesus and the healing of the centurion’s servant.

Unit 3 • Faith Leads to Holy Living

This unit has four sessions that examine letters to early churches that tell them how to live as faithful followers of Christ. 2 Corinthians tells the people to examine themselves to see if they are living in faith. 1 Thessalonians urges Christians to be positive examples of faith. 1 and 2 Peter teach that faith requires holy living and goodness.

Direction® Student offers 13 lesson studies and includes a Bible Study Guide complete with

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• Lessons are outlined and include background information so readers get an in-

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Quarter At-A-Glance: Outlines what will be studied throughout the quarter

Black History Profile: Gives insight into the life of an influential person of the African


In Focus: Tells a story dealing with the lesson’s theme so that students can easily apply the

lesson to modern life

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In Depth: Provides a look into the meaning of the text with insight into the theology and

interpretation of the text

Make It Happen: Suggests ways to make a specific, personal commitment and take action

on what was learned through the lesson

Daily Bible Readings: Lists Scriptures to read throughout the week that support quarterly

topics and principles

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